We take care of the complete prepress production cycle – never forgetting that quality comes first. To ensure the best possible quality, we pre-flight the PDF files and highlight any potential production issues. Any file alterations will only be made with your authorisation.

We do what needs to be done

Please supply PDF/X-4 files. We recommend that along with the files you also supply colour references for printing: colour digital proofs, previously printed books, etc. This will ensure we get the best possible printed result.

With our printing plants you have access to the prepress portal for approval of your jobs – Heidelberg Prinect prepress portal, which offers you

  • Direct access to the imposition systems
  • Instant email notifications to the person in charge regarding the status of file uploads, requests for approval and other progress notifications
  • Downloadable and printable PDFs of proofs
  • They streamline job submission, job-status tracking, and remote proofing or approval.
  • Streamlining of job submission, job-status tracking, and remote proofing or approvals
  • Online accessibility and easy collaboration for customers, prepress operators, prepress staff, and customer service representatives in terms of job activity tracking, print job proofing, changes, and approvals
  • The possibility to move jobs through production faster, eliminating opportunities for error, confusion, or delay
  • Simple web access without software installation. A Java plug-in is all you need!

Upon request, we can also send you low resolution PDFs or plotter proof for approval, but we prefer the approval through prepress portals as it is easier, faster, environmentally friendly and saves money!

Our FTP server address

Please ask us for your username and password.
You can use Internet Explorer or some FTP software to connect to our FTP server.

Problems connecting to FTP server with Internet Explorer? Please follow the steps below:

  1. Write in the address line.
  2. Go to menu Preview / Open the page as FTP site.
  3. Click on the right mouse button and click Login as.
  4. Put the user name and password in to the login fields.

Helpful links:

For any information in relation to prepress and FTP please contact:
Ms. Jana Suhadolnik
T +386 59 071 110